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Book Review: The Longest Trail

The Longest Trail by Roni McFadden tells a rites-of-passage story about a troubled young girl and the mentor who nurtures her love of horses and helps her grow into a strong, resilient woman.

Book Review: Living Life Backward

In his book, Living Life Backward, David Gibson suggests that we examine our lives in light of the inevitability of death. It reminded me that all three of my published novels begin with a death.

Preparing for the New Year

The year is running out, and I’m preparing for the New Year. That space between Christmas and New Year’s Day invites us to reflect on the past year’s events and spring for a chance to embrace the coming year with hope.

Book Review: The Silver Baron’s Wife

The Silver Baron’s Wife by Donna Baier Stein strikes a rich vein of pioneer history. The facts of Baby Doe Tabor’s life are at once typical for some women of her day (late 19th, early 20th century) and atypical.

Book Review: Phoebe’s Journey by Kathryn B. Collett

Sydney Avey Dynamic Women — Changing Times Home About Books Publications Blog Events Contact Phoebe’s Journey by Kathryn B. Collett My rating: 4 of 5 stars Phoebe’s Journey: Part 1 Of Passion and Pride imagines the life of one of the Apostle Paul’s...
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