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The Wonder of it All

While the solar eclipse captivated most of America this week, a wonder of a different sort captured my attention. Groveland’s Pine Cone Singers are gearing up for another season. In preparation, Music Director Dennis Brown is teaching the group how to read a musical score. He opened the classes to the public, so I had the privilege of receiving excellent, hands-on instruction from a gifted teacher.

The Story God Tells: A Lenten Observation

My brain started buzzing when T.M. McNally used the Trinity as an illustration for story structure in a Lyrical Fiction writing seminar. In the creation story, he posited, Father is the subject, Son is the plot, and Holy Spirit is the metaphor. I am meditating on that.

No Joy: Failing to see what is beyond our vision or control

No joy. That was my response to a question–could I recall a trial that ended in restored joy? The challenge was to examine an ordained difficulty. I looked at several trials (growth opportunities we glass-half-full people call them) and concluded that restoration is a process. Apparently, I still have some construction rubble around me.

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