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Find Good Stories in Museums: Part II

The quality of its museums is often an indication of the health of a town. Little Bisbee sits in a box canyon on top of over 5,000 miles of mine tunnels. We heard that from a tour guide who guided us through Copper Queen Mine, a man who actually worked in the mine before it shut down in the Seventies. He took us through the technical history of tunnel building and ore extraction. As the technology advanced, safety records improved.

The Family Tree

Charting a family tree provides a record for future generations, but sketching the leafy branches in story form is far more revealing. At first glance, your tree may appear to be a uniform sample of its species, but move your gaze though its branches and you will likely find broken limbs and odd grafts.

An Ozark Connection

We traveled to the Ozarks this Thanksgiving to nurture our connection with grandma. This trip, I looked for beauty in a culture that mystifies me simply because it is not my place. Hardwoods dominate the landscape; the trunks of the Black Oaks look as if they were sketched in pen by artists.

The Adult Orphan

Becoming an adult orphan is among the inevitable rites of passage.  The day an adult’s last remaining parent dies is a somber occasion.

Island Vista

Wherever you roam, is there a vista you call home? Not a specific address, but a familiar landscape? For me it’s a mountain valley. I grew up tucked close to a coastal mountain range that gave me a feeling of well being and sense of eternity.  In the chaos of life, I could literally look to the hills and find peace.

Crafting a Novel Around a Real Person: An Interview with Sydney Avey – WRITE NOW!

Crafting a Novel Around a Real Person: An Interview with Sydney Avey – WRITE NOW!

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