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Women Writing the West: Conference Tidbits

Sydney Avey Dynamic Women — Changing Times Home About Books Publications Blog Events Contact Women Writing the West aims to create a literary explosion comparable to the Southern literary renaissance of the 1930s. Any setting west of the Mississippi River qualifies....

Book Review: Journeys, Fruits, Neighbors

Maite Gonzalez Esnal pens prose that radiates with love for her native landscape. Translated from Spanish by the author in collaboration with Dala Beld Journeys, Fruits, Neighbors comprises travelogue, personal essay, and memoir.

The Traverse City Film Festival

The Traverse City Film Festival, founded by Michael Moore, celebrates its thirteenth year. More than 100 films screened over a period of a week in about ten different indoor and outdoor venues.

Field Tripping: The Cerreta Candy Factory

Field tripping disturbs routine in a healthy way. Plan a field trip for amusement, camaraderie, education, or inspiration.  What is field tripping? Simply join a group and wander through unfamiliar territory.

Costa Rica vacation: Don’t overthink it

Don’t overthink it, a friend laughed when I mused about the purpose of our trip to Costa Rica. Just have fun. We did have fun, but now that we’re back I feel compelled to shift back into overthink.

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