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The value of your passion project

What is the value of your passion project?  Endeavors you pour heart and soul into; tasks that eat up your time; a vocation that drains your physical and mental energy and robs your pocketbook; why do it?


The Story God Tells: A Lenten Observation

My brain started buzzing when T.M. McNally used the Trinity as an illustration for story structure in a Lyrical Fiction writing seminar. In the creation story, he posited, Father is the subject, Son is the plot, and Holy Spirit is the metaphor. I am meditating on that.

Joy for the Journey: A bit of serendipity

Happiness is a state of being, but joy is a moment. We can work ourselves into a happy place, but joy is an unsolicited moment of grace, independent of the place we find ourselves, happy or sad. In the happy chances we call serendipity, joy might be a tiny seed buried in the moment.


Finding your best self: I just dropped in…

Seeking my best self, “I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).” Remember that ditty? I had a flashback to the Sixties when writer and educator David Dark challenged those who, in their quest to be widely read and greatly admired, evade the hard work of discovery. He exhorted us to dig more deeply into our attention collection. “Have you experienced your experience yet?” he asked.

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