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Advent 2014

Dec 9, 2014 | Faith | 0 comments

WreathI love the concept of Advent, pulling away from the everyday to prepare for an arrival; marking time until a special event; slowing down to a wait.

Mornings I fire up my Jacquie Lawson online advent calendar and experience an Edwardian Advent. Last year’s calendar jumped me right into shopping, decorating and running all over the countryside. This year’s countdown is a crawl. The Edwardians approached the holidays with a clear sense of decorum. Did you know that a plum pudding had to boil for eight hours and hang in the pantry for five weeks to gain full flavor?

As the family changes, so do traditions. The big tree has given way to a small pot of rosemary on the dining bar. We’ve moved over to Christ Presbyterian in Goodyear, AZ to deepen our appreciation of the season with liturgical worship.

I love choir robes. To focus on words, music and facial expressions without distracting fashion statements brings me to a deeper place.

I love vestments. In a age of so little regard for people who hold office, vestments invite respect for a pastor who has labored through years of education and spiritual formation to bring me a message of hope.

Even though big trees, big shopping, and big entertaining are no longer part of our celebration, unwritten Christmas cards pile up on the desk, acts of love and appreciation slip my mind until a neighbor comes by with a lovely remembrance, the everyday presses in upon me.

I love that Advent comes at the end of the year, when I can let go of this year’s expectations, met and unmet, because we are out of time. Pssst, no one’s looking. They are all at the mall, hanging lights, in line at the post office, ferrying children to pageant practice, preparing end of the year reports.

Into this world was born the One of whom the angel said, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all the people. (Luke 2:10) So kick back and put your feet up. Your delivery in on His way.

Every day my mailbox fills up with promises of great deals. Just today, I deleted a message purportedly from Facebook telling me that they were awarding my account with one million dollars for the advancement of education, signed Svetlana someone-or-other. (I kid you not.) Of the hundreds of offers I have received, I have responded to one. Ballet tickets for 25 % off really are a good deal. But not nearly as good a deal as what the angel offered us.

Let’s wait for Him.


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