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Social Media, Choosing How to Engage

Oct 9, 2018 | Culture, Writing life | 0 comments

social networkingAt its best, social media is a platform for people to engage with each other. The engagement may be commercial or personal. The experience can be sublime or annoying and downright abusive. Because I’m a writer who publishes books, social media is a necessary part of what I do. If I want readers, I have to let them know I have something available they might want to read.

I love the relationships I’ve been able to sustain and deepen because social media allows me to keep in touch. Good use of social media encourages meaningful connections and dialogue. Bad use abuses privacy and manipulates people for nefarious purposes.

Seminars I’ve taken teach people how to choose the networking platforms best for them. Experts tell authors to post on the platforms their readers prefer. For example, young people prefer Instagram.  Choosing the ones you are comfortable using is another consideration.

My #1 Way to Engage

My e-newsletter is my number one favorite way to engage with readers and fellow writers. Upon request, I send out Syd’s News For Readers, For Writers. My newsletter offers people who are interested in my books and my writing career–and reading and writing in general–a behind-the-scenes look at a writer’s life. I am not a rich-and-famous writer, but there is a mystique about what any writer does.

In my newsletter, I update subscribers on my publications and participation in book events. I pass on to readers ideas and resources to encourage them to deepen their reading experience. And, I share what I’m learning with other writers. I distribute my newsletter seasonally. After all, I’m not delivering “need to know” news!

See a sample e-newsletter: To subscribe, use the subscription form on my website or contact me and ask to be added to the subscription list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Other Ways to Engage

Sydney Matheson Avey is my personal Facebook account where I keep in touch with family, friends, communities and writing groups.  I love seeing photos of my kids’ activities and friends’ travels. And, I can let folks know what we’re doing.

Sydney Avey, Author is my professional account where I post book and writing-related information exclusively. is my most valuable social media asset. It’s the resume that showcases my accomplishments as a writer. Editors and publishers can verify that I’m an active author by checking my list of events and publications. My website also hosts my blog.

My bandwidth doesn’t permit me to do more than this. I’ve discovered that some authors have virtual assistants to help with social media. Wow! I wish. I have a Twitter account, but I use it like my fine china–special occasions only. To do it well requires a #savvy that @sydneyavey lacks! Pinterest? Fun and cool, but lures me into way too much screen time.

To Blog or Not to Blog

I’ve been keeping a blog since 2014. Lately, I’ve been asking myself why.  I’m acutely aware that the world doesn’t need more opinions floating in cyberspace. I try to keep my posts personal and helpful to people who struggle with the same issues I do, or who need some inspiration or a laugh to lift their spirits.

How do you choose to engage, or not, on social media? In light of growing concerns over content, have you changed the way you use social networking services?



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