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OSF: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

A summer’s day at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last week was a smoky affair. OSF canceled outdoor performances. A walk through town required an air filter mask. Still, we saw three plays on the indoor stages, each as different from the others as artistic realism is from abstract impressionism. So, let’s compare.

The Traverse City Film Festival

The Traverse City Film Festival, founded by Michael Moore, celebrates its thirteenth year. More than 100 films screened over a period of a week in about ten different indoor and outdoor venues.

In Ephesians, the Play’s the Thing

I saw something new in this week’s study in  Ephesians. Being a theater buff, I had to go there. Contrary to popular opinion, creation is not a clock God wound and walked away from to pursue more interesting activities. Creation is a big cast, full-scale production performed before a celestial audience. I draw this analogy from Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians, 3:7-21 (ESV).

Halloween Fun

Looking for ways to put some happy in your Halloween? Some of the fun fizzles when the children parade out the door into their adult lives, and the grandkids are too far away to tag along after.  As the seasons of life change, our celebrations change. I still put out decorations, but our doorbell won’t ring on October 31. Trick-or-treaters don’t come through our community.

Green Screening

On a classic movie channel this week, co-host and  incomparably beautiful actress Madeleine Stowe  gave her response to a screening of Splendor in the Grass. She commented that back in the day, people and landscape were inexorably woven together.

Crafting a Novel Around a Real Person: An Interview with Sydney Avey – WRITE NOW!

Crafting a Novel Around a Real Person: An Interview with Sydney Avey – WRITE NOW!

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