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Early Reviews for The Trials of Nellie Belle


A Compelling Ride Through Four Generations

Sydney Avey captures the empowered voices of three distinct women in a compelling ride through four generations. In a time when women were just coming into their own, Nellie Belle’s zest for adventure and commitment to family leave the reader with a sense of the power we each hold, to influence descendants for years to come.

—Wendy Wilson Spooner, Licentiate Genealogist, LCoT.

Portrait of an Independent Woman

The Trials of Nellie Belle brings to readers the portrait of an independent woman who escaped a hard and dreary life on a Kansas farm and lived on her own terms in a man’s world at the turn of the century. This historical novel is rich with details of the times, including court cases where Nellie encounters colorful characters whose testimony she transcribes.We witness the thinking of the times, and the decisions that shape Nellie’s life; we see her children and grandchildren come into existence and follow their lives in an era past.

The most wonderful and amazing thing for me about The Trials of Nellie Belle is that it was written by Nellie’s great granddaughter. Sydney Avey calls into vivid existence someone she has never met. This novel creates wonder about generations who passed before; thank you Sydney for taking on this labor of love!

—Caitlin Hicks, author of A Theory of Expanded Love

A Spiritual Journey

Every journey is spiritual, whether we know it or not. And every decision is spiritual as well. Avey has captured four journeys filled with the consequences of choice. Consequences born of spiritual hunger mistaken for freedom. I found the unintended character of the consequences haunting. In them I was called to attention regarding my journey, so filled with choices I thought to be mine in freedom. Choices conceived out of spiritual hunger but stillborn in selfishness. Nellie and her family offer us a mirror if we are willing to look.

—The Reverend Doctor Stephen Roosa

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