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Elevate to the Heart of the Matter

In seeking the heart of a matter, writers make connections in odd places. I whiteboarded the word elevate–lifted the word from the margin of my Beth Moore study in James and scrawled it on the wall for further consideration. In the context of my study, Jesus puts a new spin on an old covenant when He says we cannot behave our way into God’s good graces. He elevates the law to a new covenant, one that emanates from our heart intention. Motives matter.

Simple prayers for critical spirits

I love simple prayers. I bought Anne Lamott’s little book, Help Thanks Wow for my daughter for Christmas and read it before I wrapped it. Do you ever do that—sample a gift before you give it? Not a good idea if the gift is jam or candy, but you can get away with it if your present is a book; unless you blog about it.


Take Heart, Take Courage, Take Tylenol

Our first Tuolumne Writer’s Retreat was a huge success! On Friday night, a full moon hung low in the trees over the gold rush town of Columbia, CA where we gathered among the gravestones on cemetery hill for a poetry reading. A vacationing writer who lives in Alaska opened a window on life in that wondrous landscape with her poem about a marauding bear. On Saturday Wendy Brown-Barry introduced us to the gut busting humor and touching pathos of cowboy poetry while we ate lunch in the Douglas Saloon dressed in different versions of Victorian garb.


Crafting a Novel Around a Real Person: An Interview with Sydney Avey – WRITE NOW!

Crafting a Novel Around a Real Person: An Interview with Sydney Avey – WRITE NOW!

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