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Why I Chose Indie (noise abatement)

May 3, 2013 | Writing life | 4 comments

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It’s a zoo out there; the noise in the publishing industry sounds like the cacophony of birds and beasts in a wildlife park; lot’s of trumpeting. The paths to publication appear to vary widely. I see three options: Hold out for the big house (the large publishing conglomerates); find a small, independent publisher who loves your work; or, take the bull by the horns and publish your work yourself.

This week I signed a book publishing contract with a small publishing house. I’ll say more about that in the coming months. It’s like dating. We are just getting to know each other. Before I introduce my beau to my friends, I want to get comfortable in the relationship. 

I consulted with my trusted advisors before signing a pretty straight forward contract. I promise to submit revisions by December 31 and they promise to publish my book within nine months of that date (a proper gestation period!) All agreed this was a good path for a debut novel. There are always risks, but you will learn a lot in the process, my sis pointed out.

Process is exactly why I chose an independent publisher. I want to be held accountable for excellence by going through the process of revision, proofing, book jacket design, front and back matter, and marketing plan with experts. The risk is in the negotiation over revisions. We both have a job to do. The editors will ask for changes based on what they know about their target market. I will fight to maintain the integrity of my characters and my story.  It’s a dance.

At present, the publishing world looks like scorched earth to me. A lot of the conglomerates burned up in the economy, which has made the competition for shelf space intense. Innovation put publishing tools in the hands of anyone who has book in them, and that is everyone. The tundra of books spread out across the terrain is a mix of good and bad. Readers must sort that out.

My vision is that as the dust settles, independent publishing houses will sprout up, strengthened with new business models that will help the partnership between author and publisher prosper, and inspired with creative ways to nurture the relationship between author and reader.

Writing is a solitary activity, but many friends have encouraged me. I am grateful.


  1. Donna Janke

    Congratulations. I look forward to hearing more about the book, the process and the “dance” in future months.

    • yosemitesyd

      Thanks, Donna. I’ll keep you “posted!” Hope to see you in AZ…next Spring?

  2. Cherie

    Excellent job foraging through the forest while maintaining the health of your particular tree. Very excited to watch this long arduous hike proceed.


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