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Book Review: The Secret Chord

The Secret Chord is the fourth Geraldine Brooks novel I’ve read. I’m a fan. I was especially interested when I heard she was writing about the life of David. I wanted to know why he was so beloved of the Lord.

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OSF: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

A summer’s day at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last week was a smoky affair. OSF canceled outdoor performances. A walk through town required an air filter mask. Still, we saw three plays on the indoor stages, each as different from the others as artistic realism is from abstract impressionism. So, let’s compare.

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Book Review: The Changeling

The Changeling is an odd book that explores love, marriage, and parenthood in the context of folklore. Author Victor Lavalle refers to his story as a fairy tale. I’ve always been a fan of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, especially the misdeeds of trolls. The explanation I’ve heard for a child’s fascination with these dark stories is that they provide a safe place to explore the fearful unknown. Children search for meaning in strange events. “But, why?” they ask.  “It’s magic,” is a perfectly acceptable answer.

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The Wonder of it All

While the solar eclipse captivated most of America this week, a wonder of a different sort captured my attention. Groveland’s Pine Cone Singers are gearing up for another season. In preparation, Music Director Dennis Brown is teaching the group how to read a musical score. He opened the classes to the public, so I had the privilege of receiving excellent, hands-on instruction from a gifted teacher.

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Book Review: Waking Lions

Waking Lions is a devastating story about the complexities of immigration, race relations, and justice. At the same time, it is about the human heart in conflict with the cultural heritages that influence how people view their world.

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Book Review: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Everyone Brave is Forgiven infuses the trendy topic of WWII with a deceptively facile wit that draws readers in and then wraps fingers around their vulnerabilities and squeezes. As a novelist honing her craft, I want to be Chris Cleave when I grow up! Not only did I feel every emotion, I yearned for someone to open that jam jar Alistair carried through the war so I could have a taste.

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