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Halloween Fun

Oct 30, 2015 | Fun, Theater | 0 comments

halloween fun

Looking for ways to put some happy in your Halloween? Some of the fun fizzles when the children parade out the door into their adult lives, and the grandkids are too far away to tag along after.  As the seasons of life change, our celebrations change. I still put out decorations, but our doorbell won’t ring on October 31. Trick-or-treaters don’t come through our community.

I miss the costume parade. The trick is to find a way to horn in on the fun that no longer comes to your door.  This Halloween we will join the audience at Symphony Hall in Phoenix for a performance of Coppelia. The treat is, Ballet Arizona  offered half-off tickets for the Halloween Day performances. Lavishly costumed dancers will entertain us, and I imagine there will be plenty of excited children all dressed up and milling about as well.

While Halloween has a debatable religious and cultural history, at its most innocent it is about kids, costumes, and candy. Innocent fun is hard to come by these days, which is why, I confess, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Adults are loathe to give up a holiday many associate with the old-fashion fun of childhood. I see my friends finding creative ways to stay in the game.

A short list

  1. Volunteer at the local haunted house.
  2. Hand out candy at community or church-sponsored events.
  3. Attend a harvest festival or a pumpkin walk.

Wishing you all some Halloween fun.



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